Dirty Words, Ugly Pants. Period custom monogrammed resistance tote by Extra Official, designed by Elizabeth Azen
Dirty Words, Ugly Pants. Extra Official. Resist. Feminist apparel. Gloria Steinem.


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"Period" custom monogrammed tote. Red canvas with white embroidered lettering. Proceeds to Planned Parenthood. 
Dimensions: 17” wide x 6” deep x 13½” high; base 12” wide; handle height 9” 

In February 2016, American clothier Hands' Bend*, well-known for monogrammed canvas totes (and unflattering pants) published their own interview with Gloria Steinem on their website. When their conservative customer base objected (because Steinem had an abortion, talked about having an abortion, doesn't regret having an abortion, advocates for accessible and legal abortion, is a feminist, is Gloria Steinem), they apologized for publishing the interview, removed it from their website and with the retraction also ended proceeds to the Equal Right's Coalition's Fund for Women’s Equality. See more at Ugly Pants

Dirty Words, Ugly Pants (Custom Totes) uses the visual language of Hands' Bend, and their own monogramming technology for product customization.

* Not their real name