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Donate Maus books to McMinn County public libraries in TN

On Jan 10 the McMinn County school board in Tennessee voted 10–0 to remove Maus, a Pulitzer-Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, from the eighth grade curriculum. Literally every person in the room.   ~ ACTION BELOW ~  There are seven elementary schools (K–8th) in McMinn County. I don't know how many 8th graders are in each school, but let's just imagine 40 eighth graders x 7 schools, that's potentially 280 kids who will become adults and will have missed this opportunity to engage with history in a way that gets kids curious and excited! They didn't ban this book becuase it contained "inappropriate curse words and a depiction of a naked character," or "rough, objectionable language," — they banned it because it's interesting and depicts truth in a format that...

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